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There have been documented accounts of fragile police and community relations in recent years. In some cases, fractured relations between the police and the communities have resulted in mass public demonstrations from regions across the globe. These reactions are sensationalized briefly before losing the attention they require for resolution. We know from first-hand experience that genuine relations between police and communities are built and sustained over time.

Our team is uniquely positioned to help your organization navigate changing community dynamics. We can provide comprehensive solutions with decades of our lived-in experiences combined with front line policing and grassroots community work.

We can support your organization in developing situational awareness and insight to identify and respond to occurrences of tense community relations. As our client, you gain access to strategically tailored training and expert advice to build lasting and meaningful connections with your community partners.



How diverse is your organization? Is it inclusive, or are there lingering feelings of ‘otherness’ among your team members? At Bridge Onward Strategic Consulting, we believe that it is important/essential/crucial to understand and recognize the different backgrounds of our peers and colleagues. When we recognize and accept the unique backgrounds of our colleagues, ranging from their social, gender, ethnic, religious, and sexual orientations, we create a culture of respect and appreciation. While acknowledging these differences is a step in the right direction, the challenge can be creating an environment that embodies a real sense of belonging and acceptance.

Having experienced both difficult and pleasant professional spaces, we help organizations engage in challenging but necessary conversations, all while considering the context and environment of the workspace. Together with your team, we will start by assessing your organizational needs to ensure we put the right plan in place.



In general, life has become stressful, confusing, and challenging to navigate. These uncertain times come with constantly shifting realities that significantly interrupt the normalcy and stability of our daily lives. With limited options, we are often left with no choice but to rearrange our plans and find ourselves continuously adjusting, whether it is acquiring a new skill, going back to school, or moving to a new city.

Despite all these challenges, we believe there is room for hope and a brighter future.

At Bridge Onward Strategic Consulting, we develop customized sessions for our clients by designing programs based on their unique skills, knowledge, abilities, and objectives. Our vast network of professional and community contacts reinforces the strength of our programs by providing farther-reaching solutions to help our clients confidently move forward.



“It’s not easy raising kids these days” is an old cliché, but that statement has become a new reality for many families. The complexities of raising children and youth have evolved over the years as parents today are in tight competition for their attention. With its various social media platforms, the internet alone has shown itself to be a worthy opponent. Sadly, in many cases, parents are fighting a losing battle. It is inevitable that, while raising a family, parents and youth will engage in varying conflicts; and sometimes the nature of these conflicts causes them to become more frequent and intense, leading to further turmoil and strenuous relationships.

We are parents too, and we understand the struggle. Our wealth of front line experience working with youth and their families, specializing in conflict resolution and relationship building, allows us to help YOU. We assist parents and their youth in reorganizing their priorities and responsibilities in order to build a successful family unit. WE want to do the same for you.

Our team will consult with you and design a case-specific coaching and mentorship plan that will provide direction to help you progress further on your goals and objectives.



It is commonly accepted that people always engage and share information with those around them. However, these interactions can create a potential for communication gaps and sometimes result in conflict. This can have detrimental effects on organizations, including a loss in productivity, legal liability, and damage to reputation.

Although we can never eliminate conflicts, organizations can reduce them, and most importantly, teams can manage them when they occur. We know that delicate crises require profound attention and strategic approaches for resolution.

We bring years of documented experience in successfully supporting established teams to overcome significant conflict barriers. Bridge Onwards Strategic Consulting has the right team in position and is ready to deliver for YOU. Using mediation, communication, and human resource knowledge, our team will map out a plan of action that best fits your organizational requirements. We look forward to being your team of choice for tackling these complex issues.



Extremism and hate violence have evolved over the years and remain a national security priority for law enforcement and impacted communities. Recent incidents will confirm that, in some instances, assailants have carried out their attacks during daylight hours in full view of the public. Documents show that these hate-motivated attacks directly target community members based on their race, colour, religion, and sexual orientation.

We strongly believe that law enforcement organizations and their partner agencies are responsible for supporting victims of hate crime and impacted communities. Targeted communities should feel empowered to develop resiliency and situational awareness.

At Bridge Onward Strategic Consulting, we understand that enhancing law enforcement’s community outreach and engagement efforts is key to creating trust and combating hate and extremism. Our team members have been recognized for their successful track record of supporting communities that have been impacted by extremism.