Why We Help

Our Mission

Inspire and empower our clients through advice and training centered on direct first-hand experience to achieve a secure, inclusive and thriving community for everyone.

Our Vision

Irrespective of the challenges we face, when bright ideas and open minds come together, they can always Bridge Onward for a better tomorrow.

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Our Values

06. Impactful legacy We invest and give back to our community in support of purposefully driven causes that elevate our humanity and care for our planet for generations to come.
01. Leadership We are courageous and bold in the belief that a better community is always possible.
02. Team We value the unique backgrounds of our team, their opinions, and their perspectives.
03. Innovation We are constantly evolving and ready to adapt. We take pride in being nimble and agile to get the greatest industry results for our clients.
04. Integrity We build trust through respect, honesty, transparency, and fairness for our colleagues and clients leading to our collective success.
05. Fun and play We encourage and promote a fun work environment because you may not have enough time to play at home.
    How We Help


    Our approach is comprehensive. We conduct an environmental scan to understand your organizational and community needs. Following this evaluation, we use real-world experience to provide advisory services to help overcome challenges facing communities.

    Our services are tailor-made to support your organizational objectives. At Bridge Onward, we believe in providing an experience that is user-friendly, collaborative, interactive, and engaging. We are working towards the goal of helping our clients reach their fullest potential.

    Our Services


    We leverage decades of lived-in experiences combined with frontline policing and grass-roots community work to provide a more comprehensive solution.
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    We seek to support you in enhancing the vibrancy of your workplace by helping you to create an inclusive and welcoming organization.
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    We coach and mentor individuals to achieve greater life satisfaction by helping them attain goals they once thought were not achievable.
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    We assist parents and their youth in reorganizing their priorities and responsibilities in order to build a successful family unit.
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    We support teams during times of crisis, and we can help your organization manage similar issues.
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    We support police and communities with our experience to create stronger, healthier, and resilient societies.
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    Abdirizak Karod Executive Director | Somali Centre for Family Services

    I have known Abdul as a young man when he volunteered at our center helping new Canadians adjust to their new home, and when he joined the police service in Ottawa, he became a champion for community and police relations.

    Matt Skof Former President | Ottawa Police Association

    Abdul and I met many years ago when we were both in policing. His professionalism and strong work ethic never wavered; he has applied these characteristics to every endeavour he focuses on.

    Cameron MacLeod Executive Director | Carlington Community Health Centre

    I have known Abdul for almost 20 years, and have followed his career from youth worker to a police officer to his latest venture into consulting. He is a straight-shooter: determined, honest, and hard-working. Abdul is a community leader – respected, trusted, and committed.

    James Malizia Retired RCMP | Assistant Commissioner

    I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with Abdul during his time with the RCMP. His community based approach and advice was invaluable in enhancing relationships and trust with our diverse communities.

    Mohamed Mostefa Former President | Assunah Muslim Association

    Abdul and I go back for more than 20 years. And over these years during my work with our Muslim community in Ottawa, I always benefited from his solid guidance, advise and feedback.